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30 Amazing Beautiful Best Friend Quotes Latest

Best Friend Quotes 2018

we all have on best friend right ? yes we all have one we share every thing with our best friend we love and like our best friend also we called him Bestie 😛 so here is some amazing Friends quotes so you can share with your best friend. we are sharing some good quotes you can check also Dream Quotes – Self Motivation Quotes – Achieving Goals Quotes

A best friend is
the one person
who will always
come in , even
when everyone
else goes out

Best Friends
Fight for you
Respect you
Include you
Encourage you
Need you
Deserve You
Stand by You


My best friend is the man
who is wishing me well
wishes it for my sake

Best Friends are hart to find
because the very best one is
already mine

My best friend is the one who
brings out the best in me

Time and good friends are the two
things in life that become even more
valuable the older you get

Good friends
care for each other ..
Close friends
understand each other , But
True Friends
Stay forever
beyond words,
beyond distance,
beyond time.. !


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If you wanna find out who’s a true
friend , screw up or go through a
challenging time .. Then see
who sticks around

Real Friendship
is when you friend
comes over to your
house and then you
both just take a Nap

Friendship is one
mind in two bodies

A true friend won’t judge you

A true friend will keep your
secrets a secret

And a true friend will always be
there for you

Best friends
A best friend is like a
four leaf clover hard to
find and lucky to have

A collection of best
friend quotes , quotes
on friendship
with your best friend

a good friend
knows all you best stories

a best friend
has lived them with you

Dear Best friend,
You’re weird you are stupid. I’m like
that, too. I guess that’s why we are
so perfect together. Thanks for
always being there for me. you’re
like a sister to me


A good fiend is like a four-leaf
clover , hard to find and
lucky to have

I would rather walk with a
friend in the dark,than
alone in the light

That’s when i realized what
a true friend was. someone
who would always love you
the imperfect you
the confused you
the wrong you
because that is what
people are supposed to do

Being Honest
May Not Get you
A lot of friends
it ‘ll always get
you the right ones

She is My
Best friend
Break Her i’ll
Break your Face

Never leave a friend behind.
Friends are all we have to get us
through this life–and they are the
only things from this world that
we could hope to see in the next

Friendship is so weird..
you just pick a human
you’ve met
and you’re like
yep, i like this one
and you just do stuff
with them

Awesome Best Friend Quotes

Best friends understand
when you say forget it
wait forever when
you say just a minute.
stay when you say
leave me alone

A strong friendship doesn’t
need daily conversation
does’t always need
togetherness. As long as
the relationship lives in
the heart, true friends
will never part…..

there is nothing on
this earth more to
be prized than true

Beautiful Good Best Friend Quotes

Good friends, good books and
a sleepy conscience : this is
the ideal life

Everyone has a friend
during each stage of life
but only lucky ones have
the same friend in all
stage of life

Best Friends
are the ones who are
there: whenever;
wherever; however and
most importantly :

one of the most beautiful
qualities of true friendship is
to understand and to be

Hard times
will always
Revel True friends.

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